Who We Are

There is perseverance and confidence at every moment... When we are fullfilling this goal, we know importance to technical and personal training. It is the basic quality policy of PSM Machine to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction with product types in order to meet all kinds of customer needs and expectations by providing continuity and improvement with quality. In this context, we are among the rare companies that have developed themselves in the international market and we can improve ourselves day by day.

We climb to the target point with safe steps and share the pleasure of going to the summit together with your supports. Climbing to the top is difficult, you must overcome many obstacles. And once you achieve the target point, the next point will be bigger than before one.


Certifications obtained from our world-class products, whose quality has been registered:

  • TS EN ISO 12100:2010
  • TS EN ISO 13857
  • CE
  • TS EN 60204-1/A1
  • TS EN 349+A1


Although there are many plaster and mortar machines manufacturers in the sector, we have been providing trouble-free service for many years with the quality of machinery and spare parts at world standards.

At the same time, we do not let you down with 100% customer satisfaction, with a variety of machines and spare parts tailored to your needs, to the desired performance and needs.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Excellent Quality

Quick and Practical Solutions


Our machines which we developed in cooperation with professional craftsmen and engineers, offer you improved performance and durability use by understanding you better. We continue to improve our products with the feedback we receive from our customers.

In addition, We produce solutions for your needs and problems, not excuses. With quality standards in the machinery and spare parts which we manufactured, these are come with affordable price policy and a best durability.