We continue to improve our machine day by day with our experienced engineers and technical team by receiving the feedback of the masters in the companies we have been working for over 10 years, which we have been producing the mortar spraying machines which is a must for our sector. Our machines have given to many countries of the world for sale and technical support, are still among the most preferred mortar spraying machines.

Our mortar spraying machines with a pumping capacity of 18m³ per hour are the pioneers of technological innovations in the sector with GPS tracking system, pressure washer machine for cleaning, remote control system and card operation to take precautions against theft.

In addition to standard applications such as lining, decorative plaster after painting, textured plaster, trowel plastering, our on-wall plastering machines, fire mortar, sound and fire insulation mortar, injection mortar, filling mortar, screed, screed mortar, fiber and It can also be used in special applications such as glass fiber concrete and binding mortar.