We produce plastering machines that we are a manufacturer with the feedback of our customers and our engineers and technical team who have many years of experience in the sector. That's why the PSM brand considers every detail you need, such as the ease of use of our craftsmen, the high performance, and the supply of spare parts that are always needed. The machine is easy to transport, which is important in small and medium-sized construction sites. Thanks to the transport modules on both sides so you can easily transport machines. In addition, the compact design of our machines has been specially designed for transporting them to high floors by crane.

In order to transfer gypsum plaster bags to the machine, the cutting chamber on the hopper makes it easy to transfer your mixes to the machine without spending extra time. Our plastering machines, which can spray on more than 1m² per second in small and medium sized construction sites, provide floor and floor performance from other machines in its class with a pumping distance of 30 bar and 40 meters in horizontal. Our class-leading gypsum plaster machines, which can pump and spray all kinds of gypsum based ready-mixed dry materials continuously and fully automatically, provide superior performance to our craftsmen.

Our plastering machines include gypsum mortars, injection mortars, reinforcing and adhesive mortars, self-leveling screeds, lime-gypsum mortars, cement mortars, lime mortars, lime-cement mortars, fango materials, insulation plasters, mortars, external rough plaster, surface screed, wall mortar, premix (pre-mixed mortar) and insulation materials such as many pumpable types of fabricated dry pre-mixed materials provide a wide range of use.